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Washing Care

How do I care for my Gear Club kit?

Your Gear Club kit features high quality fabrics and components. It’s designed to last long. However, there are a couple of simple things you can do to look after your clothing.

Washing advice

Washing a garment means putting stress on fabric and seams! Therefore, wash cycling garments separately from other clothes/accessories to prevent friction.
Before washing, turn the garments inside out (seams on the outside).
Machine-wash is possible but always good to use a wash bag, a delicate cycle and lukewarm water (max. 30° C).
Do not use bleachers and/or softeners. Use a well known brand name of mild liquid detergent.
Do not soak, wring or rub. Do not spin after washing. To remove excess water from your garment gently squeeze by hand.
Dry garments flat or hanging. Do not tumble dry.

Storage advice

After each ride, hang the garments in a well-ventilated environment or wash them immediately.
Do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight.
Never store damp clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. car, plastic bags, sport bag, suitcase, etc.).
If your body has a tendency to sweat a lot, water-rinse the garments after each use to protect the fibers from bacterial attacks which might lead to fabric deterioration.

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